How does the internet work?

How does the internet work?

You may have heard about a few minutes on the Internet. For example, HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) used by the browser to view our site – it’s representative before any HTTP Web-address. If you use the FTP-server depends on the File Transfer Protocol. As this agreement and dozens of agreements have created all the devices should be part of the Internet as a basis for action.


The two most important transmission control protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP). We often combine the two – in the majority of Internet Protocol discussions, you will see them.
To obtain this article, your computer must be connected to a file containing the article web server. We will use it as an example of how data is distributed on the Internet.


First, open a web browser and connect to our Web site. When you do this, your computer Internet connection to send an email request to the Internet service provider (ISP) through. ISP asks for directions to the web server in the chain. Eventually, the request will hit the domain name server (DNS).


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