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Tia Agnew asked 11 months ago

Hello Fellow Mead and Cider Maker! This is Tia Agnew, Co-Founder and CEO of New Day Craft; a mead and cider company based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. We’re hosting our second annual Meadful Things & Outciders Festival and I’d like to personally invite you to join us! I can send you a formal invitation with all the details if you\’d like further information, but know that this is a one-day festival showcasing mead and hard cider from around the world (Last year we had over 130 different varieties.). It’s being held on Saturday, September 2nd from 2-6pm. We love for you to be a part of Indiana’s only mead and cider festival, so take a look at the details and get us your RSVP! Best, Tia Agnew, CEO New Day Craft